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EN.QRCOD.RU — This is a free, fully customizable online QR code generator. Select a category, fill in the required fields, configure the design and create QR code. QR code will be available for download in PNG, PDF formats and SVG vector, free and without registration.

Create QR code online

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What is QR code?

QR code (Quick Response) or "Quick Answer" - a two-dimensional barcode (a small image with a rapid response code) containing user-defined information for easy and quick receipt of which, a mobile phone camera with pre-installed applications is used.
Unlike regular barcode, QR code may contain the widest information, such as: coordinates of a specific point, Link to the site, WhatsApp, Telegram, Business Card, E-mail Message, SMS Message, Phone number, information about spending Event, arbitrary text and much more up to 4296 characters (numbers, letters and special characters).
Today, QR code can be found almost everywhere:
— on clothing;
— food products;
— in magazines and newspapers;
— on websites;
— advertising banners;
— and not only....
He gained wide popularity due to its ease and convenience in the transfer of the necessary information to the end user.

How to create a QR code?

The process of creating a QR code is very simple and intuitively understood. In total, a few simple clicks, our generator will help you encode all the necessary information for subsequent use.
1. Select a category that you need to encode (link, location, phone number, business card, etc.);
2. Fill all necessary fields;
3. Create QR code;
4. Download it in the required format (PNG, PDF or vector SVG).
If necessary, you can make QR code more interesting and attractive for your customers.
1. Select a category;
2. Fill the fields;
3. Set up parameters:
— Specify the size (default 400),
Available dimensions: 200=464x464px., 300=696x696px., 400=928x928px., 500=1160x1160px., 600=1392x1392px., 700=1624x1624px., 800=1856x1856px.
— Select quality (default is high),
— Customize the color palette (default background color is white, default code color is black),
— add a background image to the QR code.
4. Customize the design:
— Select a QR code template,
— Select markers,
— Customize the marker color palette.
5. Add the company logo. The logo size will automatically decrease/increase to 130x130px;
6. Выберите рамку и добавьте подпись;
7. Create QR code;
8. Download it in the required format (PNG, PDF or vector SVG).

QR code generator for the website

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